ICBC and police team up to prevent pedestrian-car incidents

As daylight hours diminish, and the weather changes between October and January, pedestrians are more at risk. 

According to ICBC almost twice as many pedestrians are injured in crashes during that period.  On Vancouver Island an average of 370 crashes involves a pedestrian.  Figures for Victoria show on average 110 pedestrians were involved in incidents over the last 5 years.

So the insurance corporation is teaming up with police departments on a safety campaign.

Drivers are advised to take extra time to avoid distractions, look for pedestrians before turning, and be ready to yield.

Pedestrians are urged to dress to be seen, wear reflective materials if possible, make eye contact, and only using designated crosswalks.

As part of the campaign ICBC and community policing volunteers will be handing out reflectors and safety tips in high pedestrian traffic areas across BC.

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