Ice buildup on a BC Ferry was not a cause of concern thanks to crew members

A BC ferry on the North Coast had a rare ice buildup during one of it's sailings this weekend.

The vessel Nimpkish was heading from Ocean Falls to Bella Coola, and about 3 hours out, heavy winds, sea spray, and very cold weather caused ice to build up on the forward portion of the car deck.

Deborah Marshall, Executive Director of Public Affairs for BC Ferries says this is a rare occurrence, but the well trained crew did an excellent job of maintaining the vessel.

"The number one priority would be maintaining all your radar, your navigational equipment, and they certainly did that.  As well as your lifesaving appliances, and they did that.  And then of course we want to make sure the passengers had a safe walking route.  So the crew did an amazing job, we are very proud of the way they handled the situation."

She says although it was a very unusual situation, the crew did an amazing job and there was no risk to the vessel, crew, or passengers.

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