IEOA Truck Light Convoy rolls out tonight

Christmas festivities are well underway in Victoria, tonight is the Annual Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive that is snaking its way from Ogden Point and ending at Western Speedway.

Wendy Watt, Manager of Island Equipment Owners Association says there are many great spots to hunker down and watch the parade but says there are a few areas she recommends checking out. “Dallas road is amazing; you get the lights reflecting off the ocean and that is a really neat effect to see. If you want to be in the crowds, Oak Bay and Langford light ups are a really good safe places to bring the kids for a festival type feeling."

The convoy starts at 5:45pm at Odgen point and wraps up around 8:30pm in Langford. Cash and food donation points will also be set up at multiple areas along the parade route. Watt says the parade is in its 20th year, with about 80 trucks signed up for the event.

You check out all the details including the route here. 

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