IIO called in to investigate crash at Quadra and Hillside Avenue

The Independent Investigations Office of BC has taken over from Victoria Police following an early morning collision.

According to VicPd an officer was responding to an unrelated call when the police cruiser was almost hit by a vehicle running a stop sign at Quadra and Courtney Streets.
Shortly after that the same vehicle collided with another car at Quadra and Hillside Avenue, before hitting the front of The Nook coffee shop. Both the vehicle and business  were significantly damaged.

The driver of the vehicle was taken hospital.  

VicPd will not say if a pursuit was underway at the time -- but  they do say due to the nature of the man's injuries the IIO was notified.  They will investigate to determine if there's a connection between the driver's injuries and the actions of police. 

Because the IIO has the case, VicPd will say no more about the incident.

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