Impaired driver hits police cruiser at Mckenzie-Trans Canada Interchange


An impaired motorist in Saanich collided with a police car this morning while an officers had pulled over another impaired driver.

It happened during routine traffic enforcement operation at the Trans Canada and McKenzie interchange construction zone.

Saanich officers got a call from Victoria Police about a potential drunk driver heading out of their jurisdiction towards Saanich.

Marked police cars with lights flashing intercepted the vehicle and determined the driver was intoxicated.

A second vehicle without lights on then sped past. Police attempted to pull it over but it collided with one of the parked police cars dealing with the first case.

The second driver, a 31-year-old woman from Saanich with a learner’s license, was found to be drunk and she now faces criminal charges.

Police say, surprisingly, nobody was hurt.

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