Improvements coming for Admirals Road from Hallowell south to Maple Bank Road

Design is under way to widen and repave the portion of Admirals Road  from Hallowell Road south to Maple Bank Road to improve access for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to and from the adjacent communities.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says it is an opportunity to synchronize this project with other local works that are ongoing like the portion of the E&N Rail Trail that will run alongside Admirals Road at this location.

The Admirals Road project will include widening the road within the existing ministry right-of-way, upgrading the current stormwater drainage system, adding new concrete curb and gutter and sidewalks, improving intersections, and installing new traffic lights at the Maple Bank Road intersection. 

The ministry is working to finalize the design later this spring. Construction is anticipated to be finished in fall 2017. 

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