Investigations Into Former Chief Elsner Tops $800,000

Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board have released a statement on the Completion of the Elsner Investigation -- along with updated costs involved. The costs are related to the investigation only reimbursed by VicPD -- and do not provide a look at expenses for other parties or agencies.

It shows since the last update in June 2017 when costs were at just over $611-thousand -- costs related to the investigation are now at $811-thousand. 

Those costs consist of more than $788-thousand rrelating to the matter, and almost $23-thousand for legal services provided to the Department, or employees of VicPd. 

But with Elsner's $269,661 salary added in the costs top $1-million.

The Board statement also recognizes the professionalsim of the VicPd members during the difficult and lengthy discipline process, as well as extends its gratitude to Chief Constable Del Manak, who took on the leadership of the organization during a challenging time.

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