Island athletes go for Olympic glory


Athletes from across BC were at the University of Victoria this weekend hoping for a shot at Olympic glory. More than 60 athletes between the ages of 14 and 25 underwent a series of tests in speed; strength and endurance. Its part of the national RBC training ground event, organizers say they are looking for the best athletes in the province. "The regional finals athletes will be subjected to more sport specific test , from there they could be picked up by one of the eleven National sports that are participating."

Last year 400 athletes participated across the country. This year over 600 have been tested in BC alone. U Vic Rower Alec Stapff says its worth it if you're serious about being an Olympian.
"You've everything to gain and nothing to lose from an event like this." The top 100 Athletes in BC will head to the finals in Richmond BC March 14. 

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