Island Health overdose prevention sites record over 100,000 visits

Since opening in December 2016, Island Health's overdose prevention and supervised consumption services have seen more than 100,000 visits, have reversed 820 overdoses, and have recorded no deaths.

The sites are locations where people can use drugs under supervision by trained staff, who are also armed with naloxone if something goes wrong.

Island Health Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Richard Stanwick, says it's clear the services save lives.

"We do know that we've had about 820 overdoses on the island alone. And that is impressive in itself in terms of we've been able to reverse it."

 Stanwick says some people might ask "what does that mean for me"?

" Well only 15% of those overdoses, of all which previously would have gone to our emergency departments for management, only 15% ended up requiring transportation to hospital. And even fewer of those were admitted. So we've actually taken some significant pressure off of our emergency departments.

Island Health has 9 sites in communities across the region, including Campbell River, Courtenay, Duncan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni, and 4 in Victoria.

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