Island Health releases sites/dates of more possible measles exposure

We are learning of even MORE possible measles exposures on the South Island.  Island Health has released a list of possible exposure sites, dates and times.  Those are:

Victoria Butterfly Gardens, last Wednesay from 3 to 5pm

Walmart Supercentre at Uptown, last Thursday from 2 to 5:30pm

At at the same Walmart the next day, Friday --  from  2 to 5:30

Those who may have been exposed are asked to monitor symptoms for 21 days after the exposure date. 

Those born after 1970 and have never had the measles infection, or who did not have 2 doses of vaccine, are at highest risk. Island Health encourages those people to get fully immunized -- and the vaccine is free. 

Those individuals should contact their local public health unit, family doctor, pharmacy or local travel clinic regarding immunization. 

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