Johnson Street Bridge parts arrive in province

Parts of the new Johnson Street Bridge have arrived in the B.C.. 

Cargo ship AAL Kembla is unloading the dissasembeld bridge onto a barge at Lynnterm port in Vancouver for the next day or two.

Project Manager Jonathan Huggett says he's vfery impressed with how the bridge parts look after the sea crossing. "I was expecting a lot worse. It's been at sea for 20 days and gone through South Korea and I thought it'll be pretty rough but actually it was quite good."

The barge is expected to arrive in Victoria on Thursday and from here on the Bridge will become a Victoria project with local companies hired to assemble and paint the bridge.
"I've got a call tomorrow night (Monday) with China where we're getting ready for the second shipment leaving China in a week or so. The span support structure is here next week as well, there's some painting to be finished, they've hired a local company Clark & Pattison to do it and United Engineering will be assembling all the steel so we're going to be very much a Victoria exercise now."

The second shipment is expected to arrive in a month from now. 

The new bridge has a projected total cost of $105.06 million.

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