Juan de Fuca Region to welcome fire evacuees

Evacuees from the BC Interior are getting more help from Vancouver Islanders. This time it's Juan de Fuca Emergency Services.  Mike Hicks, Chair of the Regional Parks Committee and a  Juan De Fuca Regional Director, says the system will match registered evacuees that have self-contained campers and motor homes to a host property owner in the Juan de Fuca area.

Hicks says he saw what families were going through and felt there was something Juan de Fuca volunteers could do:

"I saw what we all saw watching the news. Fourty thousand evacuees and they're all in centres, and you can see the stress on their face, and they're worried about their animals and everything else, and they're in smoke. So I said to our group, you know we're all trained for this. You know, this is what we want to do, to help - so why don't we?"

  BC Ferries will help get evacuees to the island with free Ferry passes arranged through Emergency Management BC, free shower facilities will be offered at the SEAPARC's recreation facility in Sooke, and the Sooke Community Association will supply free sani-dump service at their Sooke River Campground.

Hicks says the plan is to offer those with campers and motorhomes a safe, relatively smoke-free area to bring their families and pets.

JDF Emergency Services Coordinator Jeri Grant says they are looking forward to helping their interior neighbours.  And Al Wickheim, Otter Point community coordinator says they are proud to use their expertise and emergency network to offer tired, stressed evacuees a safe haven during their time of need.

 People with space and willingness to offer a location on their property are asked to call 250-642-8106 or e-mail jdf4evacuees@gmail.com

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