July was one of the driest on record in the last 119 years

Environment Canada has released the precipitation numbers for July and they show just how dry things are.

Victoria Airport weather station recorded  just 2.2 millimetres of rain last month -- or about 12% of normal.

But CTV Vancouver Island meteorologist Astrid Braunschmidt says an even more impressive statistic comes from the weather station at Victoria-Gonzales:

" No rain there at all, the whole month.  And records have been kept there since 1899. So that ties the driest July with 6 other years. So only 6 times since this weather station has been operating have we had a July where we have had no rain."

The other times that happened was in 1984, 1958, 1926, 1922, and 1914.

Braunschmidt says as the climate changes long dry spells could become the norm. 

She says although we are in a cooling trend right now with a chance of showers -- a ridge of high pressure is building -- promising to drive temperatures up again.

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