Justin Trudeau visits Victoria to talk about Kinder Morgan

The prime minister was in Victoria to talk about the environmental plans and protections in place for the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Although there were no new announcements made, Justin Trudeau spoke with the media, reiterating his government’s position that the Kinder Morgan pipeline will be built, and that it is in the national interest.

"This project will be safe, jobs will be created, this pipeline will be built," Trudeau said.

Trudeau talked about the investments made by his government in protecting the environment.

“In November 2016 we announced the Oceans protection plan. The largest investment in ocean conservation and safety in our countries history,” Trudeau said. “The measures outlined in our plan form a comprehensive, all-encompassing blueprint for ocean protection and emergency preparedness.”

When asked about the protests in Burnaby, and the arrest of two members of Parliament, Trudeau said he encourages Canadians to make their voices heard in opposition, but to do so in a legal way.

“I’m focused on doing the right thing, and what is the right thing for Canadians and the right thing in the national interest is to protect the environment and grow the economy at the same time,” Trudeau said. “There are folks that will disagree with our approach, and that certainly is their right. Canadians are always encouraged to have a broad range of perspectives.”

There were several protestors outside the press conference, including Jeremy Loveday, a Victoria councillor.

“I’m here because I want to send a strong clear message that Kinder Morgan is too risky. We can’t risk our coast, we can’t risk our environment, and we can’t risk our economy,” Loveday said. “I think the banner behind us is pretty clear. Climate leaders don’t build pipelines, and that Kinder Morgan isn’t going to go through and we’re going to stand here and give a clear message that we don’t want it.”

Trudeau’s visit to B.C. did not include a formal visit with the premier, John Horgan, but they were able to connect over the phone.

“The premier and I had schedules that didn’t align, this is a very quick trip for me,” Trudeau said. “We were able to speak on the phone just an hour ago, and we did have a very good conversation.”

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