Kitten tossed in the garbage, zipped inside a shaving kit

A kitten has been rescued from a garbage can at Hillside mall.

Someone had put a 6 to 7 week old kitten inside a black shaving bag, zipped it shut, and then tossed it onto the trash.

Victoria Animal Control Services Senior Officer Ian Fraser says it's fortunate that alert staff found it this morning:

"They had been emptying some trash cans in the parking lot, and noticed an, it was actually a shaving kit back on top of the garbage can they werer emptying and the bag moved slightly.

The little black and white kitten was brought to the pound intially, where examination revealed it needed medical attention:

"We intitially exmined it, found it to be dehydrated. And it also had some balance or mobility issues. So it was subsequently transported to a vetrinarian for exam and an assessment, and further treatment."

Fraser says if someone doesn't want a pet there are reputable agencies that will take it, adding the kitten wouldn't have survived had someone not found it.

He says it's also possible the kitten belongs to someone else who may not be aware what had happened to their pet.

The kittie will be kept for 96 hours before it's put up for adoption.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call animal control at 250-414-0233.

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