Kitten tossed in trash had methamphetamine in its urine

A female kitten zipped inside a shaving bag and tossed in the trash at Hillside Mall is doing much better after emergency intervention.

Ian Fraser with Victoria Animal Control Services says the female kitten is bright, alert, responsive and behaving like a regular kitten.

But the vet had some concerning news for Animal Control when treating it:

" The vet conducted the test and found out that the cat had methamphetamine in its urine, so that's a little bit concerning, or quite concerning. But given the circumstances it was found it's probably not surprising really." 

The vet had the 6 to 7 week old black and white kitten on an IV and antibiotics, and she's recovered nicely.

Fraser says the kitten will be looked after by a staff member over night. He doubts anyone will come forward to claim her.  She will be spayed and put for adoption when she's a little healthier.

Animal control is investigating a few leads as to how the kitten got in the dumpster, and will be working with Vic PD as the investigation progresses.

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