Langford Council moves to help residents impacted by CRD watermain break

Two weeks after a CRD water main burst 2 weeks ago in Langford many residents are still being impacted.

The break on Strathmore Road at Goldstream Avenue flooded homes, businesses and an underground parking garage and storage room at a condominium.

Mayor Stew Young says some residents are in a desperate situation, and need a little help until their insurance kicks in. Others don't have insurance.

So council voted last night to add $10-thousand to the emergency social services program:

" The people that actually are seriously affected by this you know financially, and they're already living pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque, we will definitely be providing some assistance.  I think up to $1,000 per family right now, just to kind of help them get through and get their insurance claims through, or whatever they can come up with."

Although it was the CRD's pipe, regional officials say it is not their responsibility to pay for damages to belongings, or come up with the deductible for their insurance.  

Young encourages renters to take heed and realize it's better to carry insurance than have to pay out of pocket for all costs when the unexpected happens.



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