Langford hires new officers to create unit to patrol trails and parks

The City of Langford is hiring four new RCMP officers to patrol areas like community trails, parks, and the downtown core.

The officers will create a full time bicycle and special projects unit to patrol these areas they are calling "hot spots."

 Councillor Lillian Szpak says it comes because the population is growing.

“We are a very family friendly community and we want to be pro-active with our policing.”

Szpak says the addition wasn't necessarily in response to the criminal activity on the trails but it did come into consideration.

According the city, the addition comes on the heels of eight Mounties that have been added to Langford in the last two years.

A staffing report from the West Shore RCMP is expected sometime in the fall with the city expecting the detachment to ask for more resources.

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