Langford is installing astro-turf in city spaces

The grass is greener in Langford, because the municipality is replacing it's grass with astro-turf

Mayor Stew Young says replacing the grass along the boulevards and in the centre medians with artificial turf will be cheaper, require less maintenance, and be safer for workers.

"When you have to put a person with a lawnmower in the middle of a median with cars going by, we just kind of felt that's a work safe situation, so we're addressing that as well.  And, you know what, it'll look good year round basically, no fertilizer, and then we don't have to water it, saves on all the piping and stuff like that.  And it's just better in the long run to do it."

Young adds that they are also taking a cost saving measures with the trees in the municipality.  They are taking a 50-50 approach to replacing the trees that die with ones that require less water and don't drop as many leaves, saving the workers from clearing catch basins and raking up leaves. 

He says while it will cost quite a bit to initially replace the grass with artificial turf, they will end up breaking even within three years.  Young says they could then use that extra money for other improvements and upgrades around Langford.

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