Langford Mayor in favour of 2022 Commonwealth Games bid

        Langford Mayor Stew Young is very much in favour of the Commonwealth Games coming to the Capital region, particularly if it means new facilities for his community.  The plan would see a new stadium and arena built in Langford along with more social housing and extra lanes on the Trans-Canada highway. 

"There's a lot of things going on in Langford recreation-wise and we want to improve the recreation for our community. And if we continue back on the Commonwealth Games and provincial and federal government see the games as an opportunity, we're going to be a large part of it."

Some of the benefits that would come to Langford if the games are awarded to the region would include a new stadium, a new arena, extra highway lanes and social housing. 

"Langford would absolutely be at the table and would help support it, because I want our residents to be able to have a benefit and to improve our community. Affordable housing is in Langford right now, we need to have more of it for the region. And we've got the land. So there's a whole bunch of good things about this."

          Young acknowledges the final decision will be up to the Provincial Government.  The bid calls for the Federal and Provincial governments to kick in $400 million each plus additional costs for security and cost overruns.

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