Langford Mayor says Throne speech mention of Light Rapid Rail for Victoria is first he's heard of it

Last week's Throne Speech talked about Light Rail for southern Vancouver Island, rather than commuter rail, are 2 very different things. Langford Mayor Stew Young  says it's the first he's heard of that. 

He says there's only 1 corridor left to use, the E & N corridor, which many have been advocating as re-opening for a commuter rail services an an easy and quick fix for Greater Victoria's traffic woes. 

 But Young says for  the last 5 years the Island Corridor Foundation has failed to make it happen - so if the government is now talking about funding a form of light rapid transit -- then he's on board.

"We've had the Island Corridor Foundation taking tax money and everything else spending it, and saying it's going to happen, going to happen. So, you know, the government needs to step in, the Provincial government or whatever government it is, and if they want to look at light rail and or the E & N corridor or find the best way to service southern Vancouver Island  over the next few years and come up with a proper, financially viable plan I'm all for that." 

Young says he knows whichever party ultimately forms government in B.C. he is confident they all know how badly a solution to the building traffic snarls is needed between the Western Communities and Victoria.

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