Langford townhome guest suite allegedly used for sex trade

A Langford townhome owner has lost privileges to his building’s guest suite after it's alleged he allowed a sex worker to use it for her "business".

The Civil Resolution Tribunal heard that the man -- who was also a member of the Station Villa strata council -- booked the suite for a period of about 12 weeks between November 2015 and March 2016.  But strata council rules only allow owners to book the suite for a maximum 14 days.

When 2 other strata council members became concerned about the man's extended use of the site, as well as the appearance of visitors showing up to use it, they investigated and determined the guest was a sex worker using the suite to ply her trade.

The man maintained he was unaware of his guest's activities.

The tribunal ruled the man will lose his right to use the suite for a year, and must pay outstanding fees to the strata.  But the tribunal says it's unclear whether the man was benefiting in any way from renting out the suite to the woman.

The strata council has since brought in new rules on using the suite.

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