Large rock closes Malahat for over 3 hours

A large boulder that broke loose above the Malahat rock that came down on the Malahat this morning forced the route to be closed in both directions for 3 hours Monday morning.

The boulder crashed down just after 8am north of Goldstream park.

It fell in the southbound lanen, rolled over the median barrier, and struck a pick up truck -- coming to rest on the northbound shoulder of the road. Thankfully the driver wasn't injured

Janelle Staite  -- Ministry of Highways Regional Deputy Director of Highways for the South Coast region -- says geotechnical engineers determined there wasn't a risk of further rock fall.

It's also not known what caused the boulder to loosen:

"No way to know. One of thing our geotechnical engineers did say is that it has rained a lot over the last few days, and that can change the lay of the land. But there was no definitive 'this is the reasons to why that rock came down.'  Once again what they were looking for there was no further risk of any other rocks coming down so that we could get the Malahat re-opened."

Staite says there was meshing in place in the corridor where the incident occured -- but the rock broke loose 60 metres above the ministry's right of way.

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