Laurel Point contamination remediation plan to move forward

Victoria city council voted to move forward with a $3.1-million environmental remediation plan at Laurel Point Park.

The park is partially owned by Transport Canada and City of Victoria. It was contaminated by a paint manufacturing company in the 20th century, and poses risk to human and ecological health.

Mayor Lisa Helps said this is an important project, but it's one of the frustrating points of being on council.

“The thing that is disappointing about this whole scenario is that in 2018 we have clean up the past at the same time that we’re trying to clean up the future,” Helps said. “It is a bit frustrating to me at this point where we have to clean up for everybody both past and future, but that’s the reality of being with the local government of the day.”

Transport Canada has offered to cover the shared costs of remediation, if the city matches their schedule for remediation.

Once the process is complete there will have to be checkups two years after then annually for five years. The first checkup would cost $300,000, then $290,000 for years three through five. Helps thought these costs could also be shared with Transport Canada.

Transport Canada will begin their remediation in September.

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