Legislation to get big money out of politics is "a number of days" away

Premier John Horgan says the NDP government is very close to tabling legislation to get big money out of politics.

He says the legislation is in the drafting stage with constitutional issues just being finalized, but it's imminent:

"It's taken a bit more time than we thought because of the constitutional issues. We have to check in with Elections BC to make sure that what we're proposing is doable by them. But I'm confident, the last time I spoke with the attorney general who will be bringing the legislation forward and guiding it through the legislature, we're almost ready to go. So it will be in a number of days. "

Horgan says the NDP tabled legislation 6 times when they were in opposition, but the BC Liberals refused to get on board.  But the new legislation has been expanded:

"We've expanded the bill from what we tabled in opposition to include putting a cap on how much you can spend during an election campaign as well. So if we bring down the expenses, that means that you don't have to raise as much money, and that our politics can then get passed back to the people rather than be in the hands of those that have deep pockets. " 

Horgan says he campaigned on getting big donors out of politics, and it's going to happen.

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