Long term parking rates increase

It's been a decade since Victoria Council has raised parking rates in the downtown core, but that is about to change.

Councillors have voted to increase rates at the 5 city parkades, and at metres.

Monthly parkers in parkades will pay up to $40 more depending on the parkade.   Councillors voted to keep the first hour free, and keep the $2 an hour rate after that, but the rate goes up in the third hour to $3. The maximum to park in a parkade for the day rises from $12 to 14.50.  Except at the priciest parkade -- Yates Street -- where the price jumps from $14 to $16 a day.

Councillor Chris Coleman says it's not the end of the discussion. He feels the city needs another parkade to increase parking capacity, and notes the city also makes money off parkades, taking in almost $10million last year.

Coleman suggests the city should look at building on its own, or perhaps in partnership to add a parkade, or perhaps two.  

As well the price for parking at 20 minute metres, of which there are 45 outside businesses around the city, are slated to double -- from 50 cents to a dollar. Businesses had requested the increase at the short term metres to motivate turnover.


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