Machete suspect contacts West Shore RCMP

West Shore RCMP have been contacted by a 29-yr-old suspect involved in a machete incident in Langford on Sunday.

The road rage incident over a parking spot at Costco saw a woman pull a machete out of her vehicle and threaten another woman.

West Shore RCMP media spokesperson Cnst. Nancy Saggar says it's not known yet if charges will be laid:

"We can't say at this point. We've got to do a full investigation first and that includes speaking to the lady. She did call us yesterday, expressed that she wants to deal with this, wants to come in and speak to investigators, that hasn't taken place yet. So until the investigation is completed there's really no way to say if this is going to wind up in a charge situation, or if this is something different that is going to be looked at."

West Shore RCMP are asking anyone who witnessed the incident to call the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

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