Major water main break causes closure of busy Saanich intersection

Some residents living near a major water main break in Saanich had some flooding damage as a result. 

A water main break was discovered just before 8 o'clock Monday morning in the Royal Oak Drive area in Broadmead near Rithetwood.

Staff Sgt. Chris Horsely says unfortunately, a townhouse complex close by received some flooding.

"It was a small lake that was forming at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Rithetwood, so sadly there have been some homes and of course those homes, for safety, have had the power turned off."

Horsely says residents were not evacuated as the flooding was contained and has now dissipated.

He says the area is very muddy and public work crews will be working in the area for some time.

"We're hoping they'll be there for the day and maybe rectified enough that we can get Royal Oak opened, but as it stands now, it's closed and depending on the gravity of the work it could easily be closed into the night and potentially into tomorrow."

Horsely says the cause of the water main break is still unknown.

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