Man with compromised immune system asks that people get vaccinations

A Victoria man with a compromised immune system is urging the public to get the MMR vaccine.

Jamie Cormier was only 10 months old when he needed to have a liver transplant, which compromised his immune system and left him very susceptible to diseases like measles.

Cormier may have been exposed to the measles virus on March 23rd at work, and his doctor quarantined him in his apartment on April the.

"That's when I found out about the exposure.  So [the quarantine]'s going to be until April 17th, because they feel that that is around the time where they feel it will be definite that I won't be infected by the measles virus."

Cormier says if he knew about the exposure earlier, he would have been quarantined right away, and would have had to spend 3 weeks alone in his apartment. 

He says the cough, fever and rash associated with the measles isn't his biggest concern.

"The main symptom of measles is that it attacks your immune system.  So my immune system is already pretty compromised, so if I were to get this virus it would be really a lot more compromised, and that would leave me more susceptible to getting something like the common cold or any small thing, and then it can turn into something a lot worse."

He's asking the public to get immunized, because his immune system can't handle a vaccination, and the preventable disease could do a lot of damage to him if he were to contract it.

Along with being an advocate for vaccinations, Cormier is also the founder Transplant United Foundation, which helps adults with or in need of transplants, and is asking everyone to sign up to be an organ donor and help save someone's life.

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