March for Science 2018

Communities from coast to coast will come together to celebrate science in Canada as part of the international March for Science” movement.

Scientists and science enthusiasts will be coming together at marches, rallies, and community events across Canada on April 14th to share the message that science is for everyone. Science isn't just for scientists, it impacts all of us  - by protecting our health and our environment, and providing us with facts and evidence to hold our governments accountable. "When scientists, whether at home or abroad, are silenced, we all suffer. When knowledge generation is underfunded or suppressed, our communities and democracies suffer." said Katie Gibbs, Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy.

The benefits of science, and the opportunities to do science, are not accessible to everyone. This march calls on scientists and scientific institutions to do better to ensure the voices of marginalized groups are amplified, and that actionable steps are taken to increase diversity within the research community.

The march starts at 1:00pm at Centennial Square

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