Mayor asking for public solutions to homeless situation


Sleeping in cars will remain illegal in Victoria for the time being as city staff is investigating the implications of making changes to a bylaw which would allow people to sleep in vehicles in Victoria.

A proposal to amend the bylaw ticketing people for sleeping in their vehicles overnight, brought forward by Mayor Lisa Helps and councillor Chris Coleman was tabled this week.

Mayor Helps says she wasn't trying to be provocative bringing the bylaw forward and she understands the need to handle the bylaw properly. She also wants to hear your ideas. "The reason I brought this up isn't to make waves or be provocative, I got a private Facebook message that said just so you know Mayor there are people in your town who are working full time  who are sleeping in their vehicles, this isn't a fiction."

Helps says it became clear that the issue was more complex than simply amending a bylaw and could have implications on staff time and resources. Councillors agreed to defer consideration until staff report back at the next quarterly update in May.

In the meantime the Mayor is asking for your input on potential solutions you can reach her at


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