Memorial for teenage softball player to be held April 5

A memorial will be taking place April 5 for the 13-year old softball player who died two weeks ago.

Robin Carey had attended a softball camp the week before she died, but she went home with flu-like symptoms. Island Health has confirmed the girl had strep throat when she passed away.

The memorial asks people attending to wear a sports uniform if they played on a team with Carey, which her coach, Luc Fournier, said is to show how important softball was to her.

“It’s to represent Robin’s legacy. Softball to Robin and her family, it meant everything to her,” Fournier said. “It’s a team atmosphere. It’s like having a second family. The best way to represent Robin was to have her teammates surrounding her, celebrating her life.”

Fournier said often after games he would get the other coaches talking to him about Carey.

“I would talk to the opposing coach as we’re packing up the field, or walking to our car, or just changing diamonds if it was a tournament,” Fournier said. “The majority of the other coaches all knew her. They would get a big grin on their face and shake their head and say Robin.

“It was Robin in a good way because they knew Robin dictated the play of the game. It was just a compliment back to Robin where she got a big hit, or as the catcher threw the runner out. It was just a big compliment.”

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