Minister apologizes to former LNG advocate

The province's Jobs, Trade and Technology Minister is apologizing to the recently fired LNG advocate.

Bruce Ralston says in a Facebook post: " I recently made a statement concerning Gordon Wilson, the former Advocate for the LNG Buy BC Program, that, "We were unable to locate any written reports by him setting out what he had done to earn that money." As I have stated publicly previously, that statement was inaccurate, and based on incorrect information provided to me. "

The minister goes on to say that Wilson actually did provide reports showing what he had done and what money he was paid. Ralston says he regrets the inaccurate statements.

Wilson demanded an apology from Ralston and Premier John Horgan, stating he had seen a lawyer about launching a defamation lawsuit.

Horgan had previously said there were no briefings, reports, or memoranda detailing the work Wilson did over the three and half years as LNG advocate and said the post was a waste of taxpayer money. The premier later backed off of his comments though.


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