Mistaken identity could have unhealthy consequences


A Vancouver Island man says he has lost all faith in Island Health after what he calls repeated incidence of mistaken identity.
Former Saanich firefighter, Dave Rogers says Island Health has been mixing up his health records for the past three years. It started in 2014 when he underwent a procedure when he returned a year later because of the same issue his initial records were gone. Last week he was taken to hospital where he presented his health number and care card but was still confused with the other Dave Rogers. "It's very disconcerting, I have no trust in VIHA or the health system right now," Rogers said. His wife, Rebecca, says the mix up could lead to serious consequences.

"It could mean he could be getting wrong medication, wrong procedures."
Island Health has written a letter apologizing but not for the latest incident. The B.C. privacy watchdog says they could investigate if the situation isn't resolved.

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