Modular housing plan gets thumbs up from CRD

The Capital Regional District is taking more steps towards creating modular housing for the homeless, after the BC Government's recent budget pledged money to create about 2000 such units across the province.

CRD passed a motion to partner with BC Housing and start looking for private land that can be used.

"It's been a long time since the province has said 'here's two thousand units and the all the supports that go along with them.' We want to get them built as soon as possible and I don't want to miss out in the region," says Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps. "Now, CRD staff and BC Housing will have to work together to identify private lands for the installation of modular homes in the short term and affordable homes in the long term."

Modular construction refers to buildings that are prefabricated in sections at an offsite factory and then pieced together like giant Lego bricks. That type of construction can save money and the buildings can be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere if needed.

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