More sex assault charges against former Saanich resident


There are new charges against an 81-year-old Nanaimo man. 

Geradus "Gerry" Peters was arrested in February, accused of sex assaults dating back some 40 years.

Now new charges have been leveled after more alleged victims come forward.

Cpl. Dan Cottingham says two additional potential victims have contacted police in recent weeks."We do have information that there are two additional victims that have come forward. Those investigations are still ongoing." Investigators are looking into their allegations which could lead to more charges.

The charges date back to alleged assaults that took place in the 70's and 80's in Greater Victoria and were all against teenagers and pre-teens.

Police aren’t saying what Peters’ relationship was to the alleged victims, but confirmed he wasn’t in a position of authority such as a coach.

Peters’ next court date is May 4 in Victoria. 

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