Mother dogs found to nurse orphan puppies

There has been an answer to a call put out by the Victoria Humane Society Wednesday.

The animal welfare organization put out a call for nursing mother dogs for a litter of 11 Golden Retrievers whose mother died during an emergency C-section.

A Burnese Mountain dog, named "Pretty Girl" had been nursing the puppies along with her litter of 9 pups, but it was too much for any mother to handle.

Executive Director Penny Stone says they have some good news.

"We found two nursing moms who have taken the Golden Retriever puppies that our little girl here was nursing and they have taken them on as their own and believe they are their own.  So now Pretty Girl is down to just having to take care of her puppies and everything is going great."

Stone says since the retriever puppies are so young, only days old, it will be some time before they are ready for adoption.

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