Motorcycle & scooter thefts rise in Victoria

Motorcycles and scooters seem to be the focus of a recent crime spree.

VicPd report of the 56 vehicles stolen so far this year - 28 of those were motorcycles or scooters.

Bowen Osoko, spokesman for the Victoria Police Department, says parts are also being stripped off.

"The batteries are being stolen because they can be used for other things. They can also be sold on the street, or exchanged for drugs."

Bikes that are built with parts stripped from other vehicles can make it very difficult for police to determine what is actually stolen, and from which bike.

VicPD have began a month-long campaign to warn boaters in Esquimalt of another recent crime spree.

Bowen Osoko says batteries stripped from boats have a high re-sale value on the streets.

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