Nanaimo dirt biker survives 9 metre, or 30 foot fall off cliff

Nanaimo RCMP were left shaking their heads, and a dirt diker was counting his lucky stars, after a disastrous outing early Friday morning.

Police, Fire and EHS were called out shortly after 1 AM to help recover a man who had careened over a 9 metre (30 foot) rock bluff while riding his 55cc dirt bike.

When officers arrived they were surprised to find the 35 year-old victim conscious and alert, but suffering from several non-life threatening injuries.

He told his rescuers he decided to "go for a rip" after he and a buddy had some "liquid refreshments," and either lost control, or turned left when he should have turned right, and ended up free falling over the edge of the cliff.

An RCMP release says it was by "the Grace of God" he survived.  He was stitched up in hospital, and released later the same night.

Meantime, officers did not charge the man as he was riding on a decommissioned road, so the Motor Vehicle Act does not apply.  Criminal charges require a significantly higher standard of proof, and based on all factors, it was decided not to pursue charges.


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