Nanaimo family seeks Star Wars Kraft Dinner for odd, but good, reason

A Nanaimo family's quest for "Kraft Dinner Star Wars Mac and Cheese" has grabbed the attention of the public, and even actor William Shatner.

The reason the Botwright family is seeking such a specific product is because their 6-year-old son Everett has Autism Spectrum Disorder and can be picky about his food to the point of not eating. The family discovered that Everett would gobble-up Star Wars Mac and Cheese when he'd hardly touch anything else.

"He had such an interest in it that he hadn't shown in anything in a long time," says father Reed Botwright " he ate it up and devoured it. So we went out and tried to find as many as we could."

That's when they discovered it's a hard to find limited edition product. Botwright says he took to social media to plea for help finding more and people started to help right away. "We've had probably a dozen people drop by, or we've driven around to their places and they've left little care packages on their stoop of this limited edition Star Wars Kraft Dinner."

Since then, the family has received local news attention and even support on Twitter from Star Trek actor William Shatner. Now several grocery stores are involved in finding young Everett his favourite food. But Botwright says, if you happen to have a few boxes in your pantry, donations are still appreciated.

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