Nanaimo Mayor retracts statement saying he won't run again

 Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay has been at the centre of a lot of turmoil during his tenure as Mayor.  He even said recently that he would not run again.  But speaking this morning on CFAX McKay said he spoke out of frustration the day he said that.  

    He told CFAX's Al Ferraby he hasn't actually made up his mind.

McKay:   " The Community elected me as Mayor, and we'll see what the next few months brings."

Ferraby:  "So you're still thinking about it?"

McKay:    "Absolutely, absolutely. I mean I quite enjoy the job.  I campaigned to make life a little easier and a little better for the citizens of Nanaimo. Every day I get up, and that's what my goal is."

 A citizen's petition has sprung up demanding Nanaimo's dysfunctional, combative council find a way to get along and get to work, or resign.   And McKay says he agrees with the goal of that petition:

"I certainly believe in the premise of their petition. I signed the original code of conduct that was proposed and initiated by the previous council. As did 3 other members of the council. Five refused to sign it saying the oath of office sufficed for what they committed to the community."

     McKay says there has to be a commitment from every member of council to conduct business in a professional and respectful manner, because without that the work environment for everyone -- including staff -- is unbearable.


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