NDP Leader puts BC Hydro on notice to suspend moving ahead on Site C

NDP leader John Horgan has fired off a letter to BC Hydro's President and CEO advising her to suspend further evictions being undertaken for Site C, and not to sign any new contracts until political certainty is restored.

The letter is addressed to Hydro President and CEO Jessica McDonald.   Horgan says with the status of the current government  in question, 2 families recently granted a month's reprieve should not be forced out until the future of Site C is firmly determined.

Horgan tells McDonald most voters supported parties that want the dam reviewed or stopped, and his party would send Site C to be independently reviewed by the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

Horgan also advises the Hydro CEO that until a new government has gained the confidence of the legislature no new Site C contracts should be finalized that don't contain a penalty-free cancellation clause.

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