NDP outlines transportation plan for CRD


The NDP outlined their plans for transportation in the CRD, should they win the next election. 

BC NDP candidate Rob Fleming, Victoria-Swan Lake, says the NDP is committed to trying to ease congestion on the TransCanada highway to the West Shore and that includes resurrecting the E&N Rail line. "On the capital side, we're committed to building new transit exchanges that will make routes more efficient and we're committed to restoring the E & N transit line in the region."

The NDP say they are committed to matching federal infrastructure funding to help develop a regional transit plan for new buses, rapid and frequent bus networks, dedicated transit lanes and major increases in service hours for conventional transit.

The NDP would also look at establishing a regional transportation authority, in partnership with the region's mayors.

"While Christy Clark ignores the Capital Region, we plan to work with Greater Victoria and make sure that plans are set in motion," said Victoria - Swan Lake candidate Rob Fleming. "We want to make sure that people can get home to their families instead of being stuck in gridlock, all while decreasing our carbon footprint."

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