NDP stalls on campaign promise to of $400 rental rebate

B.C.'s premier campaigned on making life more affordable for renters with incentives including a $400 rebate, but more than a year later, he says there's a major roadblock to handing it out. He spoke just days after renters learned their monthly bill could possibly rise as much as 4.5 per cent next year, Horgan blamed the delay for the rebate on the Green Party.

"Well, certainly we've been working with our Green partners to get to the point where they can support the renters rebate that we campaigned on," he said. "As you know, we have a confidence and supply agreement with the Green caucus that was the foundation of our government."

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says he thinks the rebate might have a negative effect rather than a positive one. "Landlords, typically, when they get a good tenant they don't raise the rent. But if government's going to add $400 to every tenant, the landlord's just going to raise the rent. This is not good public policy."

Horgan said he's hopeful the possibility of a 4.5 per cent rental hike will encourage the Greens to rethink the idea.

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