New affordable housing announced for Langford

Millstream Ridge will provide affordable rental properties in Langford

A new 132-unit housing development in Langford will benefit families and single people with low to moderate incomes living in the CRD.  

Millstream Ridge is a partnership between the Government of Canada, The Province, and the CRD.  It consists of two six-storey rental buildings at 713 and 715 Treanor Avenue in Langford. 

The buildings includes 30 apartments funded by the Regional Housing First Program, for people living independently with supports.  Their rent will match the current provincial income assistance shelter rates.  

Of the remaining 102 units, 37 will be affordable rental units, and 65 will be near-market rental rates.

The buildings will also reduce the operating and utility expenses for tenants, as they are energy-efficient.  They will consume 13.2 percent less energy and produce 9.4 percent fewer greenhouse gasses than similar buildings.

The Regional Housing First Program is a $90-million partnership between the CRD, and the BC government through BC Housing, and the Canadian government through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  The program was designed to create more affordable rental housing in the capital region.

Tenants will be moving in to the Millstream Ridge on March 1st.

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