New phase in rapid bus lane gets underway near Carey Rd/Highway1

Drivers may have noticed you can no longer turn off Hwy 1 at Uptown onto Carey Rd. 

Victoria Regional Transit Commission Chair, Susan Brice, says the closure clears the way for continued construction of bus lanes  to connect the downtown to the West Shore.

" So this is all going to form this seamless bus priority lane right from downtown Victoria, out past the McKenzie interchange, and then our goal is to take it right out to the West Shore."  

Brice says once complete she hopes drivers will be convinced to trade their cars for a bus pass:

" And this is our number one priority, getting this route from Douglas Street up to the West Shore. That's where the volume is.  And that's where we think if we can get people on the buses,  and people can see buses gliding through the bus priority lane, perhaps there will be an incentive for people who are stuck in the traffic to consider taking transit. Which of course would be fabulous."

This phase is being paid for by the Province and Federal Government.  Brice says once the work is done Carey Rd. will re-open to right-hand turn traffic only.  Left turns will no longer be allowed.

Meantime the bus lane on Douglas Street is close to completion. 

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