News study shows alarming burnout rate among Canadian physicians

A new Canadian Medical Association survey says one in four Canadian physicians reported burnout. Dr. Gigi Osler, President of CMA says many Doctors are simply not able to admit weakness. "I think there is some stigma and reluctance amongst medical professionals to admit weakness, say they need help, and take the time off they need."

Residents were 48% more likely to report burnout and 95% more likely to screen positive for depression than all other physician groups. “Poor physician health not only affects physicians individually, but studies have shown it can have an impact on patient care.” said Dr. Osler. Like residents, women physicians were more likely to report burnout and screen positive for depression. But they also reported higher emotional well-being and higher psychological well-being than their male counterparts.

81% of physicians and residents reporting being aware of the physician health services available to them; only 15% reported accessing them in the last five years. Physician health and wellness must be treated both at the individual and system levels, it's the combination of these factors that perpetuate the issue and this needs to be addressed said Dr. Osler.

The CMA released an updated policy on physician health in December 2017 and will be hosting the International Conference on Physician Health in Toronto from October 11-13.

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