Nine arrests for shoplifting in area around Regina Park

Saanich Police said they have arrested some Regina Park tent city residents for allegedly shoplifting from nearby stores.

A total of nine people were arrested, with eight that police said are residents of the encampment. Police spokesperson Sergeant Jereme Leslie said they have been more active in patrolling the area on July 11 and 12.

“We’ve been basically taking a more active approach around the Regina Park encampment, above and beyond our focused enforcement teams that have been going out in our regular patrol duties,” Leslie said. “We actually have assigned some plain clothes officers to local businesses. The reason for that is that we’ve been hearing from area businesses and also residents that property crime has been increasing in the area.”

Leslie said they found items stolen including electronics, clothing, chocolate bars, sunglasses, and batteries - they say most of the items have been recovered.

Leslie said no charges have been laid on the suspects at this time, but they will be recommending charges.

“We’ll be recommending charges, one individual was held, I believe that was due to a warrant that he had outstanding,” Leslie said. “The other ones we’ll be recommending charges.”

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