Non-profit providing cheap prom dresses in search of new home

A local non-profit may have to close their doors after losing the space they were operating out of.

The Magic Wand project has been supplying Victoria area students with prom outfits for a small fee since 2001.

The coordinator, Elizabeth Surerus said they have been operating out of a school, but the school needs their room as a classroom next year.

“We’ve been in a room in the [Individual Learning Centre],” Surerus said. “That’s where we’ve been housed and that’s where students come for their appointments. Now we were told we have to give up that room because the school needs it. We’re desperately looking for another room.”

If they don't find a room, Surerus says they won't be able to continue operating.

“We would have to close the doors,” Surerus said “We have to be out of that room by the end of August. We need a place before then. We would have to close the Magic Wand if we don't have space, which would be devastating.”

Suerus said they have helped over 500 students with a prom outfit since they began the project.

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