Oak Bay's Mayor Wants To Take Action Against Deer

The Mayor of Oak Bay says its time the CRD considered some kind of effective program to deal with nuisance deer and other wildlife.

Nils Jensen points to the latest incident where an Oak Bay woman was attacked by a family of deer on Monday.  The woman says she saw deer in her backyard, and when she went open the gate and let them out, she was stomped on by the animals.  She suffered minor injuries.

Jensen says the municipalities need to be looking at a complimentary, shared service to deal with the problem.

"The incident that happened on the weekend was absolutely right on the border of Victoria.  So we will have to come together, Victoria, Saanich and Oak Bay, and look at some sort of program."

Based on some recent research by the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society, Jensen says his municipality is about to begin a birth control immunization program for nuisance deer in Oak Bay.

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